Self Help Books You Won’t See on the Bestseller List


Chasing Your Tail to Success

Take Hold of Your Life! — But Be Home for Dinner

Slacker Tracker– Are You One? Nahhh

Who Me? Dealing with Low Self Worth

How Much Do You THINK It’s Worth—A Guide to Your First Billion

Don’t Look Up–Building a Business in Your iPhone Without Having to Deal with Actual People

Wear a Mask— A Garbage Collector’s Book of Wisdom

Does Your Wiki Leak?—Identity Theft for Seniors

The Goodasses Guide to Being a Baddass – The Nice Guys Guide to Schizophrenia

Beautiful Cow, Beautiful You – Milking Your Way to Beauty

Your Best You and His Best Him — Creating Your Best They

Action Figures For Fat Asses — Taking Inaction Seriously

Dead Phone Club–Navigating the Twenty Twenties by Losing Power

Making Hard Times Harder—The Hidden Value of Stubbornness

Don’t Sweat the Handcuffs –7 Ways to Solve Prison Perspiration

Reach For It—How to Get Things That Don’t Belong to You

Awaken Your Inner Beef—How to Argue and Chew Meat at the Same Time


1 thought on “Self Help Books You Won’t See on the Bestseller List

  1. Yet more proof that the East Coast breeds irreverent satire but you clearly have
    missed one great opportunity. You can be forgiven since your are quite far from
    the center of this movement.
    An individual should now be known as a ‘they’ since it’s up to that individual
    to decide the sex and we should not assume it simply by name or looks.

    Your Best You(pl) and Their Best Them : creating the best crowd.

    Adrian (e)

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